The Social Media Model Has Changed

Social media has grown exponentially over the last decade, and in doing so, websites have become less relevant, until recently. Social media was the rage back then and everyone you knew was signing up. People, influencers, and businesses spent thousands of hours (and dollars) building their social network, and were encouraged to do so by the platforms themselves. It was a free service and easy to use that connected you with thousands of people you could have never reached without it. Platforms like Facebook were truly connecting the world. Unfortunately, the social media model has changed significantly.


Years ago, social media sites were very effective at expanding your tribe and getting your message or product out to the world. In 2020, not so much. In fact, those days are over. Social media is now a marketing site that charges you money just to reach your own followers. It is estimated that organic reach with your followers is less than 6% on Facebook.


There are other things to consider before spending time and resources on social media sites. Keep in mind, you do not own your profile on social media platforms, you merely rent space. Your social media profile can be suspended or deleted at any time for any reason. De-platforming removes your presence from the internet while completely cutting you off from your audience. There is also an enormous amount of suppression of information happening on social media platforms. This is happening with increasing frequency, especially if you’re in the free speech business. Many are coming to the realization that in 2020 and beyond, owning your own platform is essential, and the only way you can remain in control of your content, followers & digital presence.

Is Social Media Still Worth It?

Under the current model, it does not make sense to spend a lot of precious resources building your idea on social media platforms. It’s like investing money into a house you rent/don’t own. The 2020 social media model no longer produces the type of ROI it used to. With that said, social media should be a part of every marketing strategy, but don’t make Facebook or any other platform the foundation of your empire, so to speak. If you’re going to put time and resources into a platform, make it your own website. That’s a better investment going forward and you will have control over your content and visitors.

Real Organic Web Traffic

Focusing on your own website is a great start, but how can you grow your audience? SEO optimized content creation is a very effective way to generate recurring organic traffic if you know what you’re doing – but this strategy takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise of a constantly changing digital landscape. Ranking in Google and adhering to every new algorithmic change they make has become a never-ending task that presents significant challenges for small organizations that do not have an experienced (and expensive) marketing team on retainer or in-house.


Despite these restrictions, social media and SEO optimized content creation are still important factors in any marketing strategy and should be fully utilized, however, RealTraffic.Org can help fill the gap that many websites are experiencing and help circumvent some of these challenges. RealTraffic.Org offers SEO safe, organic traffic that can improve SEO and Alexa ranking (when used consistently & depending on keyword ranking difficulty) while providing real human visitors to your website for a fraction of the cost of social media ads or professional SEO services.

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